Limp Risks Of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is quite a threatening thing. Last year approximately 33000 men died of it. At the same time, trying to cure prostate cancer, you are likely to end up losing your sexual function at all.

The risk dimensions

The risk dimensions

The leader of the Prostate Center in Boston, current doctor of medicine, Martin Sanda declares that prostate cancer can be effectively treated if it has been noticed early enough. Erectile dysfunction, in accordance with the words of the director, is a widespread condition but the risks still can hardly be evaluated at every individual case.

The scale of the risk is proven by the following study. It has demonstrated that 60 percent of 2940 patients with the removed prostate experienced loss of sexual functions two years after facing the surgery. The numbers were smaller, but still sounded threatening, when the outside factor was radiation (42 percent of the ones who lost sexual functionality) and brachytherapy and internal radiation right by the prostate (37 percent).

The danger doesn’t hide in physical treatment. Fears over cancer may also be the reason of erectile dysfunction in many males. But fortunately the new research will make the doctors able to perform the treatment individually in each case of the condition and lead the possibility of erectile dysfunction occurrence to a steady minimum.

Researchers made a conclusion stating that recovery of reproductive system was influenced by something more than just age of the patient and way of treatment therapy. They got the ability to count not only the contribution of these factors but also the BMI, the stage and size of the cancer and consider probably the most significant factor- the frequency of sexual intercourse, which helped to determine the likelihood of erectile dysfunction.

Some effective measures to avoid the occurrence of E.D. after anti- prostate cancer therapy

Here is the list of recommendations to follow after undergoing the treatment:

  • Regular taking of the medicine prescribed. It was discovered that almost fifty percent of men didn’t follow the recommendations of the doctor thoroughly enough after the treatment. It’s the doctor’s responsibility to prescribe the drugs, but it’s completely on the patient’s behalf to stick to the offered plan.
  • Control weight. Sanda claims that men with excessive weight had worse chances to recover their erectile functions. It’s time to stop and think if you really need that extra portion or not.